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Inspired Voices Parent Training

Audience: Parents

This course is designed for parents/carers of children and young people on our KM CAT caseload.

There is a face to face version of this Inspired Voices course that we recommend that you attend if at all possible so you can get the benefit of discussing and sharing ideas with other parents/carers as well as with the KM CAT course tutors. Please contact your KM CAT team if you’d like to attend the face to face training.

However we know that it can be difficult to balance attending sessions with family and work commitments, therefore we have made this online version of our face to face course for parents who are not able to make the face to face course or who have had to miss a session.

This course is made up of 6 modules which you can complete at your own pace. Approximate timings are given for each module and it’s fine to complete a module over a number of log in sessions.

We have built in 3 home video sessions between modules 2,3 and 4 which we recommend strongly that you arrange with your KM CAT team to help you to practice the strategies you have learnt. At the video session, which can be remote or at your home, you share a video with a KM CAT team member. The video would be of you practicing one of the course strategies with your child which supports them to use their communication aid (this can be their voice output communication aid or a communication book/chart).Then you discuss how you felt the strategy worked and what other ways you could incorporate this or other strategies into your everyday conversations with your child to help to develop their communication skills. Your KM CAT team can be contacted at [email protected] or by phoning the KM CAT admin team on 01233 629859.

Aims of the Inspired Voices course

  • To build your understanding and confidence to support your child’s use of his/her communication aid.
  • To give you ideas to help you develop your child’s talking as they grow up.
  • To share ideas and learn from other parents’ experiences.
  • To have fun!

Feedback from Other Parents who have attended our Inspired Voices Course:

"The whole course has been fab!"

"I have enjoyed this course so much, it has given me the confidence to challenge myself and others, backed up with knowledge, I am now empowered to teach my child his device."

"The video feedback sessions were very helpful, picking apart what was happening and analysing with the top ten tips really helped me understand what was happening as a communication partner and the responses or initiations my son does with his talker."