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Psychology in education - recorded webinars

Psychology in education - recorded webinars

What is a webinar?

Kent Educational Psychology Service are offering schools and other education settings the opportunity to try an innovative approach to learning and professional development. We have developed some initial prototype recorded presentations, or webinars.

These introductory presentations cover:

Resilience: The psychology of wellbeing and effective learning in a nutshell. Understanding resilience can give.

Key skills for SENCOs: An introduction showing you how to use this powerful, cost-effective and effective approach to improving learning outcomes for children.

Metacognition: A set of practical skills and tools to help SENCOs and inclusion leaders within their role in schools and settings.

If colleagues find that these are a useful way to learn in school we will invest more time to expand the range of topics on offer.

The benefits

  • Recorded webinars can be a valuable part of your professional development strategy in school

  • Short bursts of learning, followed by time spent implementing the ideas and putting strategies in place, with time spent reviewing, reflecting and discussing with colleagues can be a much better way of learning than a one off training session

  • Recorded webinars give you the flexibility and accessibility to develop learning programmes with timings that suit you

  • The Kent Educational Psychology Service strive to provide the highest quality professional development for school staff and we would work with you to integrate short web based input sessions with other effective learning strategies such as face to face learning events with a psychologist, facilitating group reflection and discussion, incorporating other resources and ideas, live webinars where you can talk to a psychologist online, coaching, systemic tools such as appreciative inquiry, action research and action planning

Pricing and access

£60 for Kent maintained schools
£90 for other schools and settings

*(Prices are subject to VAT)

** The above costs are for a year of access to the resources, which will be charged pro-rata for the financial year 2018-19 (to 31st March 2019). On 1st April 2019, access will be rolled over into the next financial year and the appropriate full-year cost will be charged unless EduKent receives prior notice.

You will receive a single login to our download area where you will be able to stream the webinars. These can be used as many times as you wish across your school and setting which provides fantastic value.