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Milas Super Memo

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A memory matching game

Looking for a fun matching activity for preschoolers? Can your children match all the pairs? With this brilliant resource, you can create loads of fun matching games for kids, helping your children to work on loads of important skills. This resource is really quick and easy to use open the box you're all set for some fun matching games!
The tiles included are of popular objects and symbols that children are sure to recognise, so they shouldn't struggle to pair them up. The cards depict the symbol visually with a colourful illustration, making the game suitable for a range of ages.
Pairs include things like fruit, animals and every day items and lots more! There are loads of fun matching games for kids you could play with these tiles, as they're super versatile. You could also use them as a word-association game, using them as cues to tell a story. For example, if the Queen ate some fish and then fed some chips to the dog, can you line the cards up in order? This would help develop crucial sequential reasoning and storytelling skills too.

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