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3D Find and Feel with Tactile Maze

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3D Feel and Find puzzle with sensory tactile maze activity

3D Feel & Find
Complete with 20 wooden shapes and matching, textured tiles provided in a durable canvas bag. Deal out the tiles and children reach into the bag to feel and find the corresponding wooden shape. Includes geometric and object shapes.
Pieces can also be Wooden shape and tile matching game to reinforce cognitive development
Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring
Find a shape and match the symbols to the tiles
Chunky puzzle pieces
Little hands guide tactile circle pieces across the track to match the patterns of corresponding square blocks with Tactile Matching Maze. The five smooth-sanded circular pieces can be moved around the cutout path while remaining affixed to the sturdy puzzle board. Chunky square puzzle pieces with textured centers can be rearranged to create new patterns for toddlers to follow. With the Tactile Matching Maze toddlers can practice fine motor, problem solving and matching skills. 

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