Our Values

Photo of male teacher with his pupils.  Text box reads 'We are driven by our shared moral purpose to do all that we can, both directly and indirectly, to improve educational outcomes and life chances
Four ladies sitting round a table talking.  Text box reads we are committed to always putting people first: our staff, clients and partners, and above all, the people we serve.
Three boys smiling with their arms round each other.  Text box reads Our people believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, understanding that the very best outcomes are delivered only when we embrace challenge and work together - with each other, our clients and partners.
A team meeting, five colleagues looking at the team leader.  Text box reads We strive to excel in the delivery of high quality services that produce lasting outcomes: balancing pace, precision, practicality and cost.
young boy painting looking up at the camera smiling.  Text box reads We have a restless curiosity; The Education People embrace every opportunity to learn, to challenge the status quo, and to seek to set new standards for outcomes and delivery.
man looking at the camera.  Text box reads we expect the highest standards of professionalism and integrity of ourselves and others, acting at all times within the ethical framework of our values.