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Support for Jobseekers

Information for Jobseekers

Information for BSL Users

We work with diverse groups of individuals and currently have a number of different contracts in Kent, Medway, and with the Ministry of Justice. The some of the groups we support include:

  • people with a disability
  • ex-offenders
  • care leavers.

The Specialist Employment Service have been supporting individuals with disability and/or disadvantages to find work in Kent since 1992 through Kent Supported Employment.

Supported employment is for people that have additional barriers or who need a bit of extra help to find and keep a job.

You work with an Employment Support Officer (ESO) who helps you plan what you need to do and help you complete the steps towards getting a job.

There are 2 main parts: finding the right job for you and keeping the job. We support you to be as independent as possible and once you are in work, we will gradually fade our support.

If you are already in work and feel you need support to complete your job or communicate with colleagues, please contact us on the details below.

We understand that everyone is different so we spend time getting to know you so we can understand the support you need.

See below some examples of how our service works with jobseekers.

  • Help you to understand the skills you have that can be used in the workplace.
  • Help you to understand the type of job you might like to do.
  • help you to write a professional CV.
  • Show you how to apply for jobs.
  • Practise interview techniques and support at interview if needed.
  • Talk to employers about your disability and provide specialist training on how they can support you at work.
  • Teach you the skills that you need for the work.

If you are a family member or support someone with a disability, or support need, you may be able to make a referral to get some support.

Please make sure that the individual is aware of the referral and is motivated to move into paid work. If the person is looking for volunteering or work experience only, we may be able to signpost them to other organisations that may be able to help.

Please ensure all parts of the referral form are completed with as much detail as possible.

For more information, please contact us and we will answer any questions you have and help you to complete the referral form if needed.

The Supported Internships Study Programme is to support all students with SEND within their last year at school to gain the right skills needed in the modern workplace. Students referred onto this supported internship programme could have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), although this programme is for all students with SEND who are ready to make the transition from education into paid employment – this meeting their career aspirations.

The student remains on roll at school undertaking the study element with the Specialist Employment Service supporting for the whole academic year on the supported employment element.

This study programme is a partnership between the school, a host employer and the Specialist Employment Service all working together to overcome any barriers for the student and to make the year a positive transition from education into employment.

The supported employment element of this study programme involves the student carrying out tasks or duties similar to that of an employee, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience. The placements are aimed to be hands-on for the student rather than observational, this gives a “real” experience and allows employers to see what students can do.

For more information please see our Supported Internships Study Programme for Students with SEND leaflet or contact Charlotte Burford.

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