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Online Safety: Children at Greater Risk of Harm

Children at Greater Risk of Harm

All children and adults can be vulnerable online; vulnerability can fluctuate depending on age, developmental stage and personal circumstances. There are some learners, for example children in care, young carers, children and young people who are LGBTQ+, and children with special educational needs and disabilities who may be more susceptible to online harm, or have less support in staying safe online. 

Education settings should ensure their vulnerable learners receive appropriate and targeted support and information when delivering online safety education. Governing bodies and proprietors should also consider those who are potentially at greater risk of harm when implementing appropriate filtering and monitoring approaches.

Useful Resources

The following resources can help education settings consider how best to support their most vulnerable learners stay safe online and provide targeted resources for use with children and parents/carers.

Children with SEND

Children who are care experienced

Children who are LGBT