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Management Information

Information and Intelligence for Improvement

Management Information is a team within the Children, Young People and Education directorate of Kent County Council who collect and process end of foundation stage assessments, phonics screening results, end of key stage 1 and 2 teacher assessments and tests, GCSE and post-16 examination results and return analyses (Making Figures Speak for Themselves) to schools.

We also collect and process the school census (three times a year), with analyses produced on:

  • Ethnic group
  • Pupil first language
  • Special educational needs (SEN)
  • Free school meals (FSM)
  • Pupil absence
  • Exclusions.

Management Information is also responsible for the collection and processing of the School Workforce Census for all LA primary schools, special schools and pupil referral units.

Other aspects of our work are the collection, processing and analysing of NCCIS returns, NEETs, early years, the School Workforce Census, Early Help and Preventative Services and Youth Justice data.

Management Information provide systems training, support and guidance for staff in various CYPE business systems, along with support and training for schools and governors on:

  • Fischer Family Trust (FFT Aspire)
  • Understanding and using data
  • Getting data fit for Ofsted
  • Preparing for the school Census
  • Preparing for the school Workforce Census
  • We also deal with ad hoc requests, forecasting and provision planning, GIS and production of school and pupil dot maps.

For more information:

The Management Information service is provided by Kent County Council.