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Schools Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference - A Positive Approach to Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

This highly successful virtual conference that ran in February 2021 gave delegates the opportunity to hear from leading experts and practitioners and take away proven strategies and resources to make a real difference to students, staff and communities.

Key topics included: anxiety, resilience, Neuroscience, emotional wellbeing, supporting students affected by SEMH, SEND wellbeing, staff wellbeing, leadership coaching and whole school positive cultures.

What Did Our Delegates Have to Say About The Day?

  • Fantastic day, and have so many ideas to bring into our school
  • It was a really wonderful conference and feeling very inspired
  • The day was an excellent source of information to support us during these difficult times
  • Thankyou for such a useful and timely event

Key Speakers:

Natasha Devon MBE

Communication and Mental Health: Ways to Create Healthy Emotional Dialogues at School.

English has some of the most restricted emotional vocabularies of any language. Talking about sensitive topics can be hard enough, but thanks to the small amount of words we have to play with, we’re often talking at cross purposes.

In this session, Natasha explored the right questions to ask and other ways to communicate when words aren’t viable or are getting you nowhere.

Amy Brann

What Does a Healthy Brain Need?

How can you take daily steps to protect your mental health?
What erodes mental wellbeing?

This session looked at the science behind giving yourself and your colleagues the best chance of mental wellbeing. While mental health is now firmly on people's radars, there is lots of great research that is not yet mainstream. By understanding how our brains work we can work with them more effectively.

Kelly Hannaghan

Preventing Staff Burnout with Purposeful Staff Wellbeing

Are you and your school staff working to best of their abilities whilst keeping well in your roles? Kelly explored the nature of relationships in education through the lenses of staff wellbeing, and diverse strategic approaches. She led the audience through an integrative model that considered fundamental self-care awareness to reduce the risks of burnout and workplace stress. Delegates were provided with a set of concepts and tools to promote positive working cultures where staff and pupils flourish.

Adrian Bethune

Wellbeing in the Classroom

Happiness in childhood is the strongest predictor of happiness in adulthood. And evidence shows that teachers have a major impact on children’s happiness whilst at school. This workshop, based on the award-winning book Well-being In The Primary Classroom, shared research and gave practical ideas (applicable to primary and secondary schools) to weave well-being into the teaching day to not only help make you and your class happier but to also help them learn better too!

For biographies of each of the 4 speakers please visit our Professional Development Conferences page.