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Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2022

Creating Brighter Futures for Young People in Education

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference is back for 2022!

Thursday 24 February 2022 - The Ashford International Hotel

The conference will be held as a hybrid - which means you can either attend face to face or online.  We have a host of leading experts and practitioners who will be delivering workshops and presentations making it a jam packed day of insightful learning and unmissable content.

Key topics include:

  • staff wellbeing
  • managing pupil anxiety and low mood
  • trauma informed practice
  • inclusive wellbeing
  • preventing teacher burnout
  • therapeutic interventions
  • leading cultures for wellbeing
  • developing wellbeing curriculums.

The conference is being hosted by Russell Prue and our speakers for the day are:

Key Speakers:

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Schools

The session will introduce a variety of strategic and practical strategies to support leaders in creating a culture of wellbeing in their own schools. Delegates will be invited to reflect to see and own their own wellbeing reality, before exploring solutions to allow them to become Wellbeing Supermodels! Next, delegates will examine practical steps to remove barriers to wellbeing and create opportunities to encourage, engage and empower all staff & students to do the same.

Amanda Seyderhelm

Understanding Loss with a Child Centred Approach for Schools

Whether it's the grief of bereavement, the strain of divorce or the uncertainty of a new home or school, loss and change affect children in countless ways. Nevertheless, teachers and parents frequently find themselves ill-equipped to help children struggling with the difficult feelings that these situations, and others like them, bring. Amanda Seyderhelm will share the 4 essential skills schools and parents need to master to put in place a child-centred approach.

Natasha Devon MBE

Promoting Good Mental Health and High Self Esteem in the Classroom

This session will include:

  • social media and tech: Helping children and young people establish healthy boundaries
  • stress and anxiety management for pupils and staff
  • emotional literacy: Ways to encourage healthy communication on mental health across the whole school
  • where to seek further information and support.

Kelly Hannaghan

Wellbeing to Support the Future Landscape of Education

Staff wellbeing is under threat as teachers and staff support the learning and emotional recovery of the young people in their care. The recent Teacher Wellbeing Index undertaken by The Education Support Partnership highlights that 52% of educators feel that their mental health has been negatively impacted throughout the pandemic. Schools are at risk of heading towards a teacher retention crisis, if action isn’t taken now.

This workshop has been designed to help educators to reflect on their work and learn how to manage stress, practise self-care, and become more resilient.

Andrew Cowley

Whole School Wellbeing - The Wellbeing Curriculum

Andrew will set out the case for wellbeing as a strategic consideration, for children, parents and staff, as we continue to emerge from the pandemic. Drawing together principles and values as well as practical advice, Andrew will show how wellbeing isn't an add-on but a core part of school life.

Ross Miller

Insight Driven Wellbeing: The Importance of Data in Wellbeing Strategy

The last 18 months has accelerated discussions about wellbeing faster than ever before, with the subject now being discussed at the top of every education agenda, but even with advances in knowledge and understanding the same questions still arise…….where shall we concentrate our efforts, how do we know if we are making an impact and what is the return on our investment of time and money for wellbeing initiatives?

Our session looks to explore these key questions and get education and senior mental health leaders thinking about what information and insight they need to answer these and the advantages of data driven wellbeing approach.

For biographies of each of the speakers please visit our Professional Development Conferences page.

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