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Our Latest Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference

The Five Ways for Wellbeing in Education

Keep Learning I Be Active I Take Notice I Connect I Give

Join us on 29 November 2022 for this hybrid event - you can attend in person at The Ashford International Hotel or online via Zoom. The programme is packed with timely keynote speakers, workshops and engaging panel discussions. Take-away innovative ideas and resources that will have a meaningful impact on your staff, students and local community

Learn best practice for supporting mental health in your setting. Hear from expert speakers with cutting edge practical experience and guidance. Refresh your wellbeing approaches to benefit your whole school community.

Key topics include:

  • staff wellbeing
  • anxiety
  • mental health lead role
  • engaging parents and carers
  • student wellbeing
  • resilience
  • SEMH
  • SEND.

Your host for the day is Kelly Hannaghan, Mental Health and Wellbing Consultant for The Education People, and our speakers for the day are:

Key Speakers:

Dr Emma Kell

Staff Wellbeing: You Have More Control Than You Might Imagine

Our happiness depends on where we place our attention. If we can manage our attention carefully, we can start to gain a sense of control over huge challenges which face us in our current education system. Noticing, naming and processing the range of emotions that come with the job is key and at the heart of wellbeing and self-efficacy is our values: how do they feel and how do they look?

Matthew Crawford and Rosie McLaughlin

Leading Wellbeing at Scale Across a Trust of Schools

Matt and Rosie will share how Embark have led wellbeing across Embark Federation which is a trust of 15 schools across Derbyshire with almost 4000 children and 1000 staff. Embark have 4 core beliefs of:

  • family
  • integrity
  • teamwork
  • success.

The wellbeing approach is particularly focussed on family.

John Ford, Life on Time Ltd

Strategies to Monitor and Safeguard Pupil Wellbeing

Find out the most effective model for monitoring and safeguarding pupil wellbeing.

  • The benefits of measuring school wellbeing - what the evidence suggests.
  • Tools to help you identify and support the pupils who need more support.
  • Connecting pupils wellbeing monitoring with your school safeguarding processes.

Action Jackson

Dream Big, Take Action

Action Jackson's keynote titled "Dream Big, Take Action" will focus on developing the mindset of your staff for positive change. Sharing practical ways to reset, re-evaluate, be resilient and capitalise on happiness.

This keynote is a fun and interactive experience designed to motivate the audience to change their mindset toward the mission and to walk away inspired.

Dave Keeling

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

In his keynote, Dave will explore in a variety of ways, the art of collaboration, risk taking, the formula for engagement, why we need to be more curious and why he doesn't like stews, casseroles and don't get him started on tagines!!

Nina Jackson

'The Gift of Giving' for Pupil Wellbeing, SEND and SEMH

The gift of giving and sharing professional knowledge and expertise to enhance the wellbeing of all pupils, from kindness, listening to pupils, and meeting their emotional and learning needs. Nina will gift you with some amazing practical strategies and methodologies to help students develop their resilience, self confidence and application to learning so that they have hope and purpose to develop their unique magical ingredients.


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