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Mental Health & Wellbeing In Schools & Settings

What We Do


With experience of working with schools and settings we combine expertise and practical know-how to support mental health leads develop mental health and wellbeing within their communities. Our consultant will support you to develop your tailored and effective programme based on the school/settings unique challenges and goals with sustainable approaches.

Our consultant ensures your school will gain the support and knowledge required to help build a sustainable approach to wellbeing resilience and mental health for all stakeholders in your school community. We work with headteachers, school governors, senior leaders and key staff members to develop whole school mental health and wellbeing strategies action plans. These include strategic development and implementation, school improvement planning, twilight sessions and inset days.

Training and Continuous Professional Development

Our consultant empowers organisations to develop positive mental health programmes for staff, pupils, and their families. We support schools and settings with tailored prevention programmes for mental health problems and offer bespoke staff training and CPD packages to increase the knowledge of mental health and wellbeing needs.

With you we can create unique training packages that are driven by your school's/settings needs. These provide early help strategies with a focus on purposeful pupil interventions for positive emotional health. We equip your organisation with the skills to create a sustainable impact for future success in education.

Our coaching sessions, strategy workshops and support with school culture enables school leaders to embed sustainable cultures of mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Explore new ways for mental health leads to plan, implement, manage, and evaluate their journey to create happy, healthy, and flourishing environments for their community.

You only need to look at The Education Support 'Teacher Wellbeing Index' to see the real concerns that school leaders and teaching staff are currently facing in the new landscape of education.

We offer bespoke training for staff to help prevent long term illness due to workplace stress and anxiety. Our staff wellbeing workshops, and training sessions support the development of staff wellbeing and resilience. We empower staff with the skills to champion and lead their own effective and sustainable self-care processes to flourish in their roles as educators.