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Briefings for governors are held three times per academic year, one in each seasonal term, with Clerk’s briefings being held twice a year.
Each briefing will include updates on legislation, regulations and governance news as well as presentations on relevant topics from professionals to support effective governance and good practice.

For our Autumn term briefings, we welcome the Local Authority Education Officers and Senior School Improvement Advisors to present LA specific information that will allow governors within those geographical areas to fully understand the context for their schools. For our Spring and Summer briefings, content is more generic and our speakers have included specialists in SEND, safeguarding, careers and much more.

Listed below are the current dates for the coming academic year, to book your place for any of the below dates please log in to your GovernorHub account.  Any problems please Contact Us.

Current Dates

Autumn 2023

Tuesday 14 September 2023 (for Clerks)

Tuesday 19 September 2023 - Part One (All North area)

Tuesday 19 September 2023 - Part One (All West area)

Wednesday 20 September 2023 - Part One (All East area)

Wednesday 20 September 2023 - Part One (All South area)

Tuesday 3 October 2023 (Medway)

Wednesday 4 October 2023 - Part Two (All)

Spring 2024

Tuesday 23 January 2024 (Clerks)

Wednesday 7 February 2024 (Medway)

Thursday 8 February 2024 (All)

Summer 2024

Thursday 16 May 2024 (Clerks)

Tuesday 21 May 2024 (All)

Wednesday 22 May 2024 (Medway)

To view these and our other training events please visit our Governor Training brochure and our Governor Services Event brochure on our Governor Training page.