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Black Lives Matter

Racial Equality in our Schools, Settings and Wider Communities

The Education People is not aligned to any political party or political movement. We show respect for, and value, all communities. We will continue to endeavour to make our work inclusive and ensure that the support we give to our schools and settings is representative and relevant, promoting equality for all. We do not tolerate any racism or marginalisation of communities.

We have developed a list of resources in order to reaffirm our principles and to help our colleagues to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that have been prominent across all media this year.

We encourage staff, parents, carers and stakeholders to utilise the resources provided; to be aware of, and peacefully stand against, racism; to be race conscious; and treat all people, irrespective of skin colour, race or gender equally and fairly.

What Can We Do as Educators?

As educators it is our responsibility to listen, acknowledge and respond to the calls of justice and equality, to hear the voices of those that have been persecuted and discriminated against for far too long. People can no longer be bystanders, to do so is to be complicit in condoning racism.

To make a difference, we should ensure that:

  • every school curriculum reflects the diverse lives of all our children and young people
  • we develop respect and understanding between communities
  • prejudicial and discriminatory behaviours are challenged through robust behaviour policies
  • all racial incidents are investigated and recorded
  • data on racist incidents is shared with the local authority to ensure that trends are monitored across the county, enabling The Education People and Kent County Council directorates to focus resources, inform policy and practice, and prioritise where support is needed.

Support From The Education People

  • Equality and Diversity Training – face-to-face/virtual offer.
  • Persona Dolls training.
  • Equality and Diversity Strategic Inclusion Visit.
  • Question within visits and include a section within the Note of Visit concerning support for Black children.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

  • Equality and Diversity training
  • Identity and Diversity workshops
  • Racist incident training
  • Environmental walks to assess and monitor the diversity and inclusivity within a school
  • Policy and/or curriculum scrutiny
  • EAL support

For more information please contact us via the EDIT contact page below, or call: 03000 417 093

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