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Thread 2: Leadership and Management

Support for confidence, inspiration and motivation in leadership

Good leadership is essential in any business, but it is even more valuable when working to empower and inspire a team to secure future success for our youngest children.

Threads of Success offers a range of training and support to help your leadership team lead with confidence, inspiration and motivation.

The Core Elements

Pathway to excellence feedback
“I attended (Pathway to Excellence) and thought it was fantastic. The discussions were thought provoking and interesting, sharing good practice. The pace of the course was spot on, with activities breaking it up nicely. I also really like the toolkit which will be useful during staff meetings, I intend to work hard with staff to improve. I really liked the tutors, I particularly like the way that they appropriately challenged answers that candidates were giving, you could see during the day, how the quality of the answers were rising and this was superb.”
Susan Snoad, Harrietsham Preschool
Early Years Setting