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***Important Service Update - September 2023***

Unfortunately, as a result of government changes to who can act as an Appropriate Body for the purposes of ECT induction, we are unable to accept new ECT registrations from 01 September 2023.  We are in the process of applying to be considered for the designation as an Appropriate Body to work specifically with British schools Overseas but won’t know the outcome until early next year.  If we are awarded the designation, we would love to be able to support you.

Apologies that we are unable to help at this time.

Induction in an Overseas School

We act as the Appropriate Body for ECTs working in international schools in a number of countries. We are also Supporting Members of the Council of British International Schools 'COBIS' which enables us to be in the best position to support our international school customers.

How Does ECT Induction Work for British Schools Overseas?

A British School Overseas (BSO) which is inspected by a DfE approved inspectorate against the BSO Standards and is a member of a DfE accredited association can appoint Early Career Teachers (ECTs) from the UK and support them through their induction.  This must, however, be in association with an Appropriate Body such as the ECT Induction & Support team.

There are some restrictions, and these are as follows.  A school overseas may not provide induction if they:

  • have not received a recent inspection (within the last 3 years) from an approved inspectorate
  • have received an inspection judgement that has not satisfactorily met all the standards and categories
  • are not members of an accredited association such as COBIS, BSME, FOBISIA and NABSS.

What’s Included in the Core Package?

  • A wealth of online resources to support tutors and ECTs.
  • Experienced advisers offering confidential support and advice over email, phone and Skype.
  • The administration of the induction process, ensuring continuity of expectations and standards.
  • A comprehensive online assessment programme measuring progress six times throughout a school year.
  • Termly newsletters highlighting the important tasks that should take place that term as well as examples of written assessments to help you write the next one.
  • ‘Cause for concern’ reviews for those ECTs who need additional support from one of our commissioned ECT Induction Advisors, all of whom hold QTS and are experienced leaders.
  • A ‘Guide to Successful Induction’ E-learning module for all ECTs.
  • Access to our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for ECTs and tutors to provide regular updates about all elements of teaching.
  • Opportunity to work with school-based colleagues to achieve a successful induction outcome for all.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our basic Core Package ensures schools will be able to fulfil the statutory responsibilities for ECT Induction and only costs £325 +VAT for the first ECT and we offer a further discount for schools with more than four ECTs.

We also offer an Accelerated Induction Package for overseas ECTs.  This package gives ECTs the opportunity to reduce the length of their induction. It is only suitable for ECTs who have significant teaching experience and the Headteacher must recommend the ECT for the process.  The fee for the accelerated package for overseas ECTs is £920 +VAT.

For more information and to register your ECTs, please contact the team using the details below.

Contacting the ECT Induction Team

Tim Spoerry, Induction Manager
Elizabeth Dean, Induction Adviser (part-time)
Helen Grzeszczak, Induction Coordinator (part-time)
Rhea Clarke, Induction Administrator (part-time)
Amanda Risbridger, Induction Administrator (part-time)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 03301 651 300