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Outdoor Learning FAQs

Outdoor Learning FAQs

Please see below some of our frequently asked questions, we have ordered them by Site/Centre. Please do contact us if you still can't find the answer to your question!

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre FAQs
Horton Kirby Environmental Centre FAQs

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre FAQs

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre
Bewl Bridge Lane

The centre is open all year round.

We provide all specialist equipment including wet suits, waterproofs, helmets, and buoyancy aids.

Advice regarding clothing, footwear and other suggested items is listed on the joining instructions for each course.

There is not a café at our centre. You will need to bring a packed lunch for all full day courses.

Times vary for each course, so we recommend you check the times on our website for the specific course you are booking.

The minimum age for a RYA junior sailing course is eight years old.

Scheduled RYA courses are run separately for adults and juniors.

Adults and juniors can learn alongside one another by booking private tuition sessions.

As it is a bespoke booking, private tuition needs to be booked over the telephone. Contact Us on 03301 651 333.

A private tuition session is three hours long and may be booked on a weekday or at the weekend.

The maximum number who can attend a private tuition session is three people.

We are not able to give permission for individuals to launch from the reservoir using their own equipment.

We will contact you if a course is not able to proceed due to bad weather conditions.

Horton Kirby Environmental Centre FAQs

29 School Lane
Horton Kirby

Groups arrive between 09:15-09:30 and depart at 14:30-14:45

There is not parking for minibuses at the centre.

There is not parking for coaches at the centre. Coaches need to drop off groups at the bottom of School Hill as there is no space for them to turn in the lane or outside the centre.