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Environmental Policy

Edseco Ltd trading as The Education People Environmental Policy

The Education People recognises that the environment plays an important role in children’s development, providing new opportunities for learning, as well as supporting health and wellbeing through access to green spaces and connecting with nature.

We believe we have a key role to play in minimising the environmental impact of our operations and are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and taking account of the risks from a changing climate. We will implement good environmental practices throughout our business, including working with our suppliers and partners to meet our legal, moral and contractual obligations. In this way we expect to enhance our environmental performance and deliver wider benefits.

This will be achieved through our Environmental Management System, compliant with ISO14001:2015, which will be documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all relevant parties.

The Education People commits to:

  • Understand our client’s needs, concerns and requirements and assist them to achieve their environmental responsibilities and compliance obligations
  • Raise awareness and motivate our employees and partners to adopt good practice and behave in an environmentally responsible manner in line with this policy
  • Keep up to date with relevant legislation and the latest best practice
  • Take steps to minimise environmental impacts and identify and manage risk at an early stage when planning services
  • Ensure responsible use of natural resources by taking steps to conserve energy, fuel and water and avoid waste through resource efficient processes and actions
  • Implement a process of continual improvement, by setting objectives and targets to improve performance and publish progress reports
  • Ensure our procurement processes comply with UK and EU legislation and support environmental protection and sustainable supplies of good and materials
  • Be fully prepared to deal effectively with emergency situations and unforeseen events, ensuring environmental damage is prevented or minimised.

This policy and system, including significant aspects, will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our environmental management system, including the public on request.

You can download a PDF of The Education People’s Environmental Policy.