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12 June 2018
By Claire Anderson

Top 10 Tips - Supporting the English as an additional language pupil in the classroom

10 effective strategies

  1. Positive attitude of the teacher towards bilingualism and diversity, and the teaching assistant is effectively employed

  2. Lots of visuals in the classroom, key words and working walls.  Lots of scaffolding and word banks

  3. Clear structure of the lesson with challenging targets for the pupil

  4. The English as an additional language pupil is sitting in the appropriate place for that part of the lesson

  5. Clear objectives and pupils understand the task set.  Teacher is engaging with pupil

  6. The pupil is engaged, able to access the curriculum and the pupil is happy, feeling secure and enjoying their learning

  7. The pupil has good role models

  8. Lots of talking and collaborative activities

  9. Bilingual words displayed, language mats and possibly writing in First Language

  10. The pupil has been challenged and their learning has been moved on