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22 October 2018
By Alex Gamby

Threads of Success attend collaboration conference

The Education People were honoured to have been invited to introduce the very first provider-led collaboration conference in Kent, and probably the first of its kind in the UK.  The event which was hosted by Kingsferry Collaboration welcomed 85 delegates who made up 90+ percent of the settings’ workforce within the collaboration itself.  Kingsferry has 11 member settings and is led by Donna Barker from Tinkerbells and was set up in 2014.

The Keynote Speaker Neil Farmer delivered a powerful session entitled ‘Better Never Stops’ which focused on striving for the very best outcomes for children. Delegates could then choose from three interactive workshops including Boogie Mites (music and movement), Loose Parts and Leadership and Management.

The evaluations of the day were very positive and Kingsferry shared the details of the event at the Collaboration Leaders’ day on 13 October.