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10 November 2017
By Rebecca Avery

Thinkuknow launches new educational materials on live streaming #LiveSkills #esafety

Live streaming is increasingly becoming one of the most popular online activities for children and young people. Apps such as,, Periscope and YouNow are all soaring in popularity, which has seen other well established apps such as Facebook and Instagram adding live streaming functions. With this in mind it’s important that professionals are able to stay up to date with how children can stay safe when using these types of platforms. Using the most up to date intelligence received into the CEOP Command, the education team at CEOP have released a set of new #LiveSkills resources  which concentrate on the specific risks children and young people face whilst live streaming. They focus on the nuanced features of this phenomenon such as the immediacy of ‘live contact’ and the large numbers of users communicating with a young person at any one time, and the affirmation gained via views and gifts. Key issues covered:
  • The types of tactics offenders use on live streaming platforms
  • Skills to think critically about the people they meet online
  • Identifying and responding to pressure and manipulation online
  • Issues such as low confidence and self-esteem that can make children and young people particularly vulnerable ‘when live’
  • Understanding online sexual abuse and sources of support
  • Building resilience in children and young people
Who are the resources for? Through a series of age appropriate activities, both primary and secondary aged children will be taught skills to help them think critically about the people they meet online and empower them to respond safely to pressure and manipulation from adult offenders. There are also accompanying resources for parents and carers to educate them about their children’s internet use and factsheets for professionals that provide context and information about live streaming. The resources include the following:
  • Exploring Self-esteem for 8-11 year olds: Three 20 minute activities  focused on understanding how to build confidence, recognise their positive character attributes and know who to trust online.
  • Exploring positive and negative attention for 8-11 year olds: Three 20 minute activities focused on identifying what negative attention online could be and what they can do online and offline to seek more positive affirmation.
  • Charlie's story- live streaming case study for 13+ year olds: 1hour 30min session focusing on a case study of online sexual abuse of a young person via live streaming. The activities explore the concepts of coercion/pressure online, barriers to disclosing and where young people can seek support. This session can be delivered in separate parts.
  • 11-13 and 14+ years: Article focusing on identifying and responding safely to pressure online. This article can also be found on the Thinkuknow website.
  • Parents/carers: A 30 min presentation for parents/carers explaining live streaming, the risks for young people and tips to support their child to stay safe. This presentation can also be adapted to deliver to professionals. A new article exploring similar themes is also available to download and can be found on the Thinkuknow Parents and Carers website.
  • Professionals: All resources are designed to be delivered by professionals working directly with children and young people. A factsheet providing key information about live streaming is also included for your reference.
  • Supporting activities: The package of resources includes comprehensive guidance on delivering each session and includes; lesson plans, a presentation, printable resources, factsheets for professionals and parents and carers.
All resources include key information on reporting to CEOP and where to seek further advice and support. To gain access to these materials, please visit to download.