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19 December 2022
By Schools Financial Services

Schools Financial Services Newsletter December 2022

SFS Training

Our spring term training courses are now
available, to view our full range please visit CPD Online.

Some of these are:

  • Introduction to School Finance
  • FMS6 Healthcheck
  • Schools Closedown Returns - Non-FMS6

There is a course suitable for everyone. All
of our programmed training is free to Kent
maintained schools, but it is also available
to academies and Medway schools
(although not all is applicable). For further
information please email us at

NatWest Fraud Awareness Webinars

We’ve recently facilitated two Fraud
Awareness Webinars, run by NatWest, and
we hope the information provided was both helpful and informative.
The information from these has now been
sent out - if you haven’t received a copy 
please let us know and we will ensure
you’re provided with them.
While these webinars were focused
primarily for schools and academies,
NatWest host fraud webinars regularly which can be found here.

FMS6 Healthcheck Training

Thursday 26 January - SCH 22/774

To ensure your school is financially well managed, it is vital that you check your FMS6 is up to date and accurate. Did you know it is strongly recommended that you complete a
Healthcheck prior to the Closedown process?

The SFS Training Team are providing face-to-face training on how to complete an FMS6 Healthcheck. This is a FREE course for all Kent maintained schools.

The training will look at demonstrating the procedures required to complete a Healthcheck on FMS6. Delegates will complete the Healthcheck using a training database.

The session will focus on:

  • checking the school’s accounting structure and how to correct any linking errors
  • updating the Income & Expenditure and Reconciliation Reports where required
  • checking that the funding/income on the Statement of Accounts has been processed correctly
  • checking balances on the control codes including VAT codes.

Please go to CPD Online to book your place and for more information on the courses on
offer from SFS.

Helpdesk Closure

We would just like to make you aware that
the Helpdesk will be closed from Friday 23
December until and inclusive of Monday 2
January 2023.

In This Issue

  • SFS Training
  • PE and Sport Premium Allocations for
    2022 to 2023
  • NatWest Fraud Awareness Webinars
  • BPS Security
  • FMS6 Healthcheck Training
  • School Capital Funding
  • Helpdesk Closure
  • Christmas Message

PE and Sport Premium Allocations for 2022 to 2023

The latest allocations have been published
by the ESFA, you can view these here
( We advise
schools use this latest information to
update the forecast in your Budget
Monitoring and Revised Three Year Plan (if
you’ve done one). To get the new forecast
for financial year 2022-23 you will need to
take the actual amount received to date
for period Apr–Aug 2022 and then take
7/12th of the new 2022/23 allocation to get
full financial years allocation for your
Budget Monitoring.

BPS Security

Following the release of Version 14.1, you
would have been requested to update your
password to meet the new security parameters.

Should you lock yourself out of BPS due to
too many incorrect attempts, the system
will automatically email you. These emails
should contain a link to unlock your
account, as well as a One Time Passcode
(OTP). It can take 10 to 15 minutes to
receive these emails, however should you
not receive the emails after this time,
please contact us to assist you further.

School Capital Funding

The DfE have announced eligible schools
and sixth-form colleges will receive an
allocation from an additional £447 million
of capital funding to improve energy
efficiency in 2022 to 2023. This is part of an
additional £500 million of capital funding
for schools and further education
institutions in England. Further information
and details on individual school allocations
can be found here School capital funding -

We expect this will be advanced to schools
in January. This new funding will need to be
included in your Capital income forecast for

Christmas Message

As we enter the final week of term before
Christmas, we would like to say a massive
thank you for all your help and support over
the last year. Enjoy your well deserved
winter break, and we wish you all a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year!