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3 January 2019
By Rebecca Avery

Reporting Online Harmful Content: New National Service Launched

Reporting harmful online content is a new tool provided by UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by SWGfL to support victim of online harmful content and abuse and includes a revolutionary new reporting and advice system. The service provides up to date information on community standards and direct links to the correct reporting facilities across multiple  popular social media platforms.

The service has been designed to;

  • Provide assistance in removing harmful content from platforms
  • Provide information on community standards
  • Give advice on how to report problems
  • Mediate with social media services where appropriate, or explain why content hasn’t been removed

The service will aim to respond to enquiries within 72 hours, however, it may take longer to fully investigate and resolve incidents. If the matter cannot be resolved, wherever an explain will be given as to why it’s not possible to seek mediation (for example if the matter doesn’t breach a sites terms) and will signpost to services who can provide wraparound support. Please be aware that before you submit a report, it is essential that the material has been reported to the social media service directly using their online tools (at least 48 hours ago).

The tool can be used by young people (under 13’s will need parent or guardian to complete the form on their behalf) or parents/carers to report a range of online concerns including impersonation, bullying, pornography and self-harm content. Designated Safeguarding Leads should ensure that their communities are made aware of this new tool and, if felt to be appropriate, that it's use is reflected within their child protection and anti-bullying policies and procedures.

The online tool also provides advice for members of the public on responding to other online concerns, including links to support and other reporting tools.