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24 October 2016
By Rebecca Avery

Parents Info - New poster to help raise awareness

Parent Info is a collaboration between CEOP and Parent Zone which looks to support schools in providing high quality information to parents and carers about their children's wellbeing and resilience. Schools can host the Parents Info content on their own website, can signpost to the content or can use it in  other ways  e.g. sharing links or specific articles as part of their regular newsletters or in specific letters to parents etc. The Parents Info service is free to schools and covers a wide range of subject matters, from difficult topics about sex, relationships and the internet or body image and peer pressure to broader parenting topics like ‘how much sleep do teenagers need?’. Schools may find that members of staff as well as parents find the content helpful when responding to a range of online safety, safeguarding and parenting concerns both professionally and personally. In line with CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme, some of the content covers common internet safety issues, but all of the content starts from the assumption that young people make little distinction between their online and offline lives and the issues for parents are often the same. The aim of Parents Info is to help parents help their children be discriminating, web-literate and resilient and is suitable for parents/carers with children of different and ages and abilities. If you are a school, you can find out more and register for Parent Info on the Parent Info site. To help raise awareness, Parents Info have now produced a poster for schools to put up around the site/grounds or send home to parents. The poster can be downloaded here.