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15 June 2018
By Rebecca Avery

Parent Zone and Telenor group publish new 'Digiworld curriculum' resource for children aged 5-16

Parent Zone have created a new set of resources in partnership with the Telenor Group for children aged between 5 and 16. Digiworld is designed to help children aged between 5 and 16, their families and schools, develop knowledge and skills to navigate the online world in a safer and more enjoyable way, whilst promoting digital resilience. The curriculum includes downloadable resources/worksheets and an interactive game where the player answers questions to navigate ‘Lil’ Blue’ safely through the digital world. Part of the curriculum is designed to be used in an offline environment, to accommodate schools without internet connection.

There is a dedicated area for children aged between 5-6 years old, a parent area guiding families on how to use the curriculum and a parent quiz to help families improve their understanding of the digital world. The curriculum is self-guided, but parents are encouraged to work through the material with younger children. Children can progress through all three levels of the curriculum.

Each level increases in complexity helping children develop their digital understanding in new and more challenging ways.

Level 1: Identify Children can identify if scenarios and options are positive or negative. This is ideal for younger children beginning to explore the online world.

Level 2: Comprehend Children will have a greater understanding about why scenarios or options are positive or negative. This builds on level one by exploring more complicated language using real world examples.

Level 3: Evaluate Learners critically evaluate which options are most appropriate for a range of scenarios. This level will be most suitable for older children or those with experience of being online and using social media.

Children collect badges as they progress throughout the game and at the end they can earn their own printable certificate. Downloadable worksheets cover all the key areas of learning for each level: online kindness, staying safer online and how to recover when things go wrong, and the online library contains key vocabulary, definitions, important information and some further challenges to guide and support young people through their learning.

Access the Digiworld curriculum and play the interactive game here.

All Telenor markets in Asia and Europe will localise Digiworld and make it available to millions of children and young people. The curriculum is part of Telenor’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 10, which speaks of reduced inequalities.