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17 June 2014
By Rebecca Avery

Online Safety Resources for University Students

Many young adults will be preparing and looking forward to going onto University representing a momentous occasion in their lives, often coupled with leaving home and signifying their first real taste of independence. The internet will play an integral part in this transition, both in terms of socialising and learning, however some will face online issues such as cyberbullying and trolling, protecting their reputation and their privacy online.

Very often, these situations may be compounded as  support systems they have previously relied upon in schools and colleges may not as readily available to them anymore. The South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL)  have created some brand new fact sheets that Universities can adopt and share with their student communities. These are designed to provide useful tips and links and  provide some food for thought for students to consider their online behaviour and its consequences and include topics such as online communities, pornography, dating and privacy and reputation.

To access and download these resources to use with students, please visit the SWGfL website here   Text adapted from SWGfL