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7 September 2016
By Rebecca Avery

Online Safety in the Computing Curriculum Resources Updated for 2016-17 by Childnet

Childnet has updated their Online Safety in the Computing Curriculum resources ready for the 2016/2017 academic year.

The Computing Curriculum

The Computing Curriculum was introduced in England to give pupils the knowledge and skills they need to use information and communication technology in a creative and purposeful way, both inside and outside of school. Technology plays a huge part in everyday life and it’s important that all young people have up to date information which allows them to navigate the online world safely, responsibly and positively.

Childnet's Guides

Childnet has published four interactive guides to online safety in the computing curriculum; one for each key stage, which outline and explain the learning aims for online safety and signposts schools and educators to age-appropriate resources. Childnet have added new resources to the guides  for 2016-17 and has also updated links to existing resources. It is not required that schools use all of the resources highlighted and some resources can be used to deliver more than one online safety message. All the resources listed on the presentations are free for schools to use but some may require a user to sign up for a free account. These guides provide schools with an excellent starting point for delivering competent online safety teaching. Effective online safety education however takes place across the curriculum and 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' 2016 identifies that children should learn about online safety as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Educators and schools are therefore strongly encouraged to consider how these resources can be used to teach online safety in other subjects such as Literacy, Drama, and PSHE, as well as within the Computing agenda.

We recommend that Kent schools ensure they follow the Childnet blog and newsletter to receive updates. Content used with thanks to Childnet.