19 October 2018
By Rebecca Avery

Online Safety Briefing: Term 1 2018-19

Online Safety Briefing: Term 1 (August-October 2018-19)

This is the 2018-19 Term 1 (August-October) edition of the Kent Education Safeguarding Team’s Online Safety briefings, which aim to help Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in educational settings keep up to date with emerging online safety issues, as well as resources and research.

The following links are not endorsed, controlled or promoted by The Education People. This briefing should not be shared or forwarded directly to children, young people or parents due to the sensitive and potentially distressing nature of some content.

Before sharing content that name specific apps or websites, we recommend DSLs access the following links:

General Content

 ‘Addiction’ and Mental Health 

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation



Gaming and Gambling

Information Governance, Privacy and Data

Professional Conduct

‘Sexting’, Sexual Harassment and Violence

Social Media and Technology

Radicalisation and Extremism

Trust and Reliability

Educational Content

Teaching Materials, Tools and Videos

Articles for Parent/Carers

Resources for parents/carers

We hope educational settings find the briefings to be useful and would welcome feedback from DSLs.