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3 October 2017
By Rebecca Avery

Online Safety Briefing: Term 1 2017-18 #eSafety

The Education Safeguarding Team are looking to provide a series of 'briefing' blog posts throughout the year. The aim of these posts is to help DSLs in educational settings keep up-to-date with of some of the emerging online safety issues and research. It will also share links to resources and content which could help raise awareness of online safety within educational settings. This is the 1st edition and will cover Term 1 (September-October) 2017. Additional links to articles and resources can also be accessed via the Kent Online Safety Twitter feed. Some of the links identified may be useful for DSLs to use to stimulate debates or activities within the classroom, could be helpful to share with parents/carers such as via newsletters, or could provide opportunities for discussions with members of staff as part of staff meetings/briefings. Please note that this briefing should not be shared or forwarded directly with pupils and/or parents/carers due to the sensitive or distressing nature of some links. The following links are not endorsed, controlled or promoted by Kent County Council. DSLs, leaders and managers should make considered decisions about their use within the community; some material may not be suitable for direct use with children or adults, especially if they have been affected by online abuse. Before sharing links that name specific apps or websites, we recommend DSLs access the following content:

National Updates

Articles and Research

Educational Content

Parent/Carer Content

We welcome views and comments from DSLs as to if this is a helpful feature moving forward. Kent educational settings can contact the Education Safeguarding Team directly or post comments below. Make sure you subscribe to the Kent Online Safety blog to receive email alerts of future briefings.