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10 June 2014
By Rebecca Avery

New Online Safety eBook for children aged 2+ from AVG and Childnet

Magda and Mo are two curious kids who want to play online but need  help to make good choices. Parents and educators can follow their interactive adventures with children and help them decide during the story if they should do it themselves or ask a grown-up for help!
Magda and Mo have been created by AVG with the help of the international Internet safety charity, Childnet, to help parents and children learn together about how to safely enjoy life online.
The characters feature in a series of stories that deal with topics like Internet security and online protection, safe surfing and searching, and how to deal with issues like cyber-bullying and being a good friend online. There are Notes for Grown-ups at the end of the stories that feature good advice for parents about how to talk positively to their children about the internet.
You can access Madga and Mo's adventures here! Madga and Mo is also available in French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.