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20 September 2019
By Rebecca Avery

New Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-agency Partnership (KSCMP) Arrangements

From the 17th September 2019, the new Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-agency Partnership (KSCMP) replaces the Kent Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB). The new arrangements have been published on the KSCB website and submitted to the Department for Education in line with guidance in Working Together 2018.

Website Update:

The existing KSCB website has transitioned across to the new Partnership interim website; As part of the website transition, there will be an automatic re-direct to the KSCMP website for anyone accessing the KSCB website. Settings may wish to update links in policies etc.

This website will include all of the key information on the new Partnership; the Safeguarding Arrangements, the Scrutiny and Challenge Framework and the Kent and Medway Child Death Arrangements.  These will be followed by the Partnership’s Practice Improvement Framework, its Learning and Development Framework and Terms of Reference for the partnership’s Sub Groups and Representative Groups.

Serious Case Review Update:

The website will also be the repository for the publication of Serious Case Reviews and the associated Briefing Papers. In accordance with the transition arrangements from the KSCB to the KSCMP, the KSCB will still be responsible for signing off Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) commissioned by the Board, and as such, will convene a number of Board meetings where SCRs will be presented and agreed.  Once signed off, and subject to the conclusion of any outstanding parallel proceedings, the SCRs will be published on the Partnership’s website.

Multi-agency Training:

The KSCB Training programme will also move over and access to the multi-agency safeguarding children training offer will continue under the new Partnership.

Executive Board, Sub-Group and Representative Fora meetings:

A schedule of meetings is being developed for all of the Partnerships meetings and these will be shared with Group members and published on the website.

DSLs should contact their Area Safeguarding Advisor if they have any queries regarding the transition arrangements.