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28 March 2017
By Rebecca Avery

New Home Office Resource - Indecent images of children: guidance for young people

The Home Office has published guidance for young people to help them consider what is meant by the term "Indecent images of children". The guidance explores the following content:
  1. Overview
  2. Different terms and what they mean
  3. Working together
  4. Further information about the law
Schools may find this guidance helpful to share with young people as part of discussions relating to positive healthy relationships within Sex and Relationships Education (SRE). Schools and other professionals may find this helpful to share with young people, parents/carers and staff to enable them to have age appropriate conversations relating to the complexities and their understanding of this issue for young people. It may be particularly helpful when providing support and education (both preventative and reactive) regarding issues relating to youth produced sexual imagery (aka "sexting"). Further guidance specific to recognising and responding to youth produced sexual imagery (aka "sexting") can be found at: