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6 June 2017
By Rebecca Avery

New Body Image and Advertising Resources: Boys' Biggest Conversation

Media Smart has joined forces with First News to create the Boys’ Biggest Conversation – a campaign to encourage young men across the UK to talk about body image and the effect it has on their mental wellbeing.


With the help of TV doctor and youth specialist, Dr Ranj, they have made a short film featuring boys from schools around the country. You can watch the film via this link or below.

Schools can use the video with students, as well as the  Media Smart’s free PSHE accredited educational resources to enable them to have discussions regarding body image and self esteem in the classroom.Teachers will need to register for a free account to download the content.  Content is also available for parents and carers to help them have discussions about these issues at home.

Although the resource focuses on the representation of men in the media, they are designed for use with students aged 11–14 years of all genders, and aim to broaden the discussion and build understanding of how this issue can affect everyone.