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3 June 2015
By Rebecca Avery

Lucy Faithfull publish new guide to support parents of children who have got into trouble online

As part of their Parent Protect programme, Lucy Faithfull have published a guide called "What's the problem?" to support parents of children who have been in trouble for viewing or sharing sexually explicit or indecent images online. This is a resource schools/settings and child protection professionals can use and share with parents/carers after an online concern. The guide is for parents of children and young people who have got into trouble online and is designed to answer some of the immediate questions parents/carers may have after learning that something is happening, or has happened, in their child's online life. The guide looks at three main issues :
  • "My child exhibits risk taking behaviour by accessing adult pornography"
  • "My child has behaved irresponsibly by sending or receiving sexual images"
  • "My child has been arrested for viewing indecent images of children"
For each issue, the highlights the nature of the concern involved and aims to support parents in coming to terms with the incident whilst considering their own and other children's safety. The guide highlights how parents can discuss the issue with others (friends, family, schools) as well as highlighting the legislation involved and  exploring themes such as healthy relationships, consent, compliance and coercion. The guide also includes discussion topics and specific resources to support parents/carers and children effected. The guide also includes guidance for parents regarding talking about sex, internet safety and creating a family safety plan. The guide can be downloaded and ordered here