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20 September 2019
By Rebecca Avery

KSCMP: Learning from Kent Safeguarding Practice Reviews

As part of ongoing work to identify and review the learning from serious and local case reviews, it was agreed to review all the findings from local multi-agency reviews published between April 2018 and March 2019 by the Kent Safeguarding Children Board and highlight recurring themes and other significant learning.

The analysis identified 9 key reoccurring themes for all professionals and agencies to consider:

  • Undertaking assessments and the use of historic information
  • Inquisitive practice and meaningful engagement
  • Engaging with fathers and new adults in the family
  • Information sharing and record keeping
  • Working with neglectful families and understanding sustained change
  • Children’s attendance at appointments
  • Multi-Agency Challenge and Escalation
  • Working with children where the parents have additional needs
  • Vulnerability of small children and babies

KSCMP has published a more in depth document which explores the 9 identified themes; we encourage all DSLs to read this document to help inform and shape their safeguarding practice.