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11 February 2014
By Rebecca Avery

Kent Online Safety Strategy Group launches new pupil Acceptable Use posters for Safer Internet Day 2014

The Kent online safety Strategy Group are delighted to announce that they have revised and updated the Kent e-Safety posters (formally known as "Think then Click" posters) for use within schools and settings as part of activities to promote Safer Internet Day (SID) 2014. The posters are available on the e-Safety area of the KELSI website and EiS Kent website and have been updated and created (and kindly sponsored and produced by EiS) with input from schools across the county, as well as children and young people, to help outline key behaviours to help keep children safer online.

Although developed with pupil age ranges in mind, the posters are designed to be ability appropriate and may be suitable for use for pupils with special educational needs. There are are three posters currently available:

As highlighted by the Ofsted School Inspection Framework and the section 5 briefing “Inspecting e-Safety”, it is essential that all schools support children by promoting safe and responsible online behaviours from the earliest point and work to empower children to manage online risks both at school and at home. These posters are designed to be used by schools as a stimulus for discussion and to enable staff to identify safe and positive behaviour with pupils throughout the curriculum.

Schools can use the posters to actively promote their embedded e-Safety curriculum throughout the school and with the wider school community. Some schools may wish to use the posters to inspire their pupils to create their own posters or using them as a basis for developing age and ability appropriate pupil Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs).

The posters have been sponsored and produced by EiS and are provided in PDF format in A3 in size. To print smaller sizes, use the settings provided by your printer (i.e. for A4 reduce to 71%). If supported, set your printer to print borderless for the best presentation. To access the full suite of posters please visit the EiS website.

We hope that schools and settings, in Kent and beyond, find these posters a useful update and addition to the vast range of e-Safety resources available to promote online safety to the whole school community. Kent Schools and settings can contact the e-Safety Officer if they would like to discuss any aspect of e-Safety practice. For more information about Safer Internet Day and to download resources to use with children and families to promote the event, please visit the UK Safer Internet Centre SID 2014 website.