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23 June 2020
By Kent Children's University

Kent Children's University - Summer Challenge 2020

Kent Children's University's annual Summer Challenge is now live and free for families to enjoy from June to September 2020.

If you are not part of Kent Children’s University, but would like your child to earn Learning Credits for this challenge, you can download a temporary Passport to Learning. We can then always transfer them to a real passport in the future!

To download the Summer Challenge, please visit the Kent Children's University website where you will also find all the supporting materials you need to complete the challenge.

How to Receive Learning Credits

Please return any evidence to Kent Children’s University by the end of Friday 18th September 2020.

Scanned/photographed images to [email protected] are preferred or post to Kent Children’s University, Sessions House, County Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XQ.

Please only send evidence upon completion of all the activities you wish to submit. You could make a Powerpoint, Word file or some other collated document to evidence the completed activities. Please make sure you also submit the Record Sheet with the evidence too.

Where Can I Earn Extra Learning Credits?

There are thousands of national Learning Destinations offering at-home activities and opportunities in line with Government guidelines.

You can visit the KCU website to find a wide range of home learning resources to complete for those extra credits.