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28 March 2023
By Emma Jenkins, Manager of Kent Children's University

Kent Children's University - Spring #KCUChallenge 2023 for Children and Families

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Free spring activity ideas for schools and families!

Your families can take part in Kent Children's University's free Spring #KCUChallenge!

Each year, Kent Children's University produces seasonal challenges for schools and families.

We have just launched our Spring #KCUChallenge and it consists of 24 activities ranging in topic and complexity.

The aim is to encourage parents/carers to take part in free or low-cost opportunities with their children during the spring holiday. Young people who are part of Children’s University can earn a varying number of Learning Credits for each activity completed outside normal school time.

Over the coming weeks Kent Children's University will publish information and idea sheets on their Facebook page to inspire families to complete as many of the challenge activities as possible!

Do share this information and challenge sheets with your families before your spring holiday begins.

Families can find out more about the challenges (as well as extra support materials) via the Kent Children's University website or by visiting our Facebook page.

If your school would be interested in finding out more about Kent Children's University (either the Schools and/or Family models) please email [email protected]

Family Membership - 50% Reconnect Discount Until the End of April 2023

Whilst Children’s University used to be a solely school-based programme, we opened it more widely to families, where a child’s school was not involved or if the child was electively home educated.

Working in partnership with Kent County Council’s Reconnect Programme, we can offer children not involved with Children’s University through a school a discounted Family Membership enrolled fee of £12.50 for the year.

For more information, please visit the Kent Children's University website. Families can join Kent Children’s University here.

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