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1 April 2019
By Jane Nolan

Helping you weather the Early Years recruitment storm

It’s not news to you that the Early Years and Childcare sector is struggling to recruit and retain staff. 

With a National shortage of around 11,000 early years practitioners and nursery teachers and 16,000 fewer registered childminders than around five years ago, settings are struggling to attract staff, which ultimately means that find good quality childcare can be a challenge.

In response to this, Threads of Success have developed a Recruitment Toolkit to support you in recruiting new staff AND retaining your existing staff. 

According to Oxford Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, the average real cost of recruiting a new member of staff is approximately £30,614 per employee, which comprises of:

  • the cost of management time involved in the recruitment / interview process
  • the cost of any advertising
  • the logistical cost of absorbing a new staff member, and
  • the cost of lost output, therefore, income whilst the vacancy remains (especially if for an extended period) and to fully settle in the new staff member.

All the above has a direct impact on your financial situation and the consistency of your offer – making retention even more important than ever.

Threads of Success Recruitment Toolkit has been designed to:

  • Support safe and effective recruitment and retention processes across the early years and childcare sector
  • Give detailed guidance on hiring, advertising and interviewing, including induction, probation and exit interviews
  • Provide templates to support you every step of the way, along with a full suite of job descriptions – a key tool in accurate recruitment and the ongoing retention of staff.

Launched at the Nursery World Show in February for a special launch price of £40, the Recruitment Toolkit, proved extremely popular, with one customer remarking: “It’s like an A-Z of hiring staff and keeping them!”

To understand more about the Recruitment Toolkit, please watch our vlog here and to buy the toolkit, please visit

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If you need support with engaging and retaining staff in these challenging times, you can get your own copy of the Recruitment toolkit today for the same ‘launch’ price of £40.  This special launch price is time limited, so don’t hesitate – grab your copy today.