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13 May 2021
By Danielle Whiting

Don't Let Geography Drive You Around the Bend!

A recent article in Schools Week stated that Ofsted had raised concerns that less than half of the primary geography teachers in their study 'did not meet the scope or ambition of the national curriculum'.

Ofsted’s Subject Lead for Geography, Ian Freeland wrote in a recent blog how their teams ‘carried out 23 geography subject inspections’ in Ofsted rated outstanding primary schools between January and March 2020.

Freeland explained how in some instances, ‘Important geographical skills (using maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping, using locational and directional language, using aerial photographs, devising maps, using Ordnance Survey maps and fieldwork) were not taught particularly well’ and although there although there were plans in place to revise the curriculum plans for geography, many of the schools had noticeable areas for improvement.

Here at The Education People, our colleagues are experts in their fields and work tirelessly to support schools with preparation for Ofsted inspections and strive to help your teams achieve great Ofsted ratings.

Our teams understand how important it is for all areas of the curriculum to be thoroughly understood and through subject leader training courses, empower teachers and SLTs to confidently answer questions and effectively build on their schools’ processes, preparing them for Ofsted inspections.

Provided below are links to our next round of primary geography training courses.