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6 July 2021
By Rebecca Avery

Designated Safeguarding Lead Webinar Briefings

Available Through the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools

The Education People’s Education Safeguarding Service have recently launched their 'Safeguarding Support Package for Schools' which provides schools with annual access to resources and materials to support Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in implementing effective safeguarding practice.

In this blog post, the Education Safeguarding Service’s Training and Development Manager, Rebecca Avery, will explore the webinar briefings being made available to DSLs as part of the package offer.

What is a Webinar?

'Webinar' simply means 'web-seminar'; it is a live or on-demand meeting, taking place on the internet. It can be a discussion, lecture or presentation, where participants can see documents (usually slides) or other content online. Unsurprisingly due to Covid, many organisations moved their live events to platforms such as Go to Webinar, Zoom or MS Teams to ensure that meetings, training and conferences could continue when working remotely or socially distancing. Whilst the world tentatively moves back to live events, it has become clear that webinars will continue to be offered as part of a new blended approach to communication and learning for us all.

What is the Purpose of the DSL Briefing Webinars?

The Education Safeguarding Service have always recognised the benefit of interaction and networking for DSLs so they can gain knowledge and reflect on emerging issues and topics as part of their practice. To support and enable this important professional development, we have developed a programme of webinars to take place throughout the year but whilst also overcoming some of the geographical, financial and time barriers for physical meetings.

We will be running a series of six one-hour DSL webinar briefing twilight sessions (all taking place 16:00 – 17:00) throughout the academic year, and members of our 'Safeguarding Support Package for Schools' will receive one free place per school on each webinar; access for package members starts from the date a school subscribes to the package. 

The webinars will highlight best practice recommendations and where possible, nationally available guidance and resources for schools. All webinars will be hosted by a member of the Education Safeguarding Service and will include relevant updates and learning from recent research and reviews. Our staff are experienced practitioners with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of education safeguarding.

Which Topics will be Covered?

Although topics may change, subject to emerging issues, the planned webinar topics and aims for 2021-22 are:

  • Explore the definition of peer-on-peer abuse
  • Identify some of the key concerns schools encounter, including bullying, sexual violence and sexual harassment and nude/semi-nude image sharing
  • Consider the statutory requirements with regards to policies, procedures, curriculum and training
  • Recognise common barriers for reporting concerns
  • Reflect on existing practice to help DSLs create a culture where peer on peer abuse is not tolerated.

Please note this webinar has already taken place for 2021-22

  • Consider the statutory requirements regarding managing allegations
  • Explore how DSLs should be involved in, and support, allegation processes
  • Explore the definition of ‘safe culture' and how DSLs can implement policies, procedures and training to support it.

Please note this webinar has already taken place for 2021-22

  • Explore the key statutory requirements regarding online safety, as identified in national safeguarding guidance for schools
  • Consider the specific strategic online safety responsibilities for DSLs, including peer on peer abuse, remote learning, online safety education and appropriate filtering and monitoring
  • Signpost specific guidance and resources to support and embed a whole-school approach to online safety.

Please note this webinar has already taken place for 2021-22

  • Explore the safeguarding priorities as identified in the current version of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ including so-called honour-based abuse, Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), Child Sexual exploitation and Domestic Abuse
  • Consider how DSLs can implement robust policies and procedures to support children who may be at risk
  • Highlight approaches and resources which DSLs can use to support staff, children and families.

For more information or to book the Safeguarding Priorities webinar on 24 March 2022 please click the CPD reference no: SCH 22/100

  • Explore the definition of ‘supervision’ in line with national legislation and guidance regarding supervising in a safeguarding capacity
  • Consider different types of supervision and how it can be implemented
  • Consider the role and responsibilities of a DSL specifically in relation to supervision
  • Highlight potential approaches and resources which DSLs could use in their schools.

For more information or to book the Supervision in Schools webinar on 11 May 2022 please click the CPD reference no: SCH 22/101

  • Explore the key requirements regarding safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Explore the role of the DSL and how to ensure effective communication and approaches within DSL teams
  • Consider other key strategic issues for DSLs and leaders such as multi-agency working, record keeping, staff training, supporting children potentially at greater risk of harm and opportunities to teach safeguarding
  • Highlight useful resources which DSLs could use in their schools to evidence effective safeguarding practice is in place.

For more information or to book the Management of Safeguarding webinar on 5 July 2022 please click the CPD reference no: SCH 22/102

Can Other Staff Access the Webinars?

The webinar briefings are specifically aimed at DSLs in schools so we would not suggest other members of staff attend. Where possible, we recommend the briefings are accessed by the lead DSL who can then cascade information to deputy DSLs, school leaders or other staff as appropriate. If a DSL is unable to attend live, we will grant access to the recorded session after the event where available, however this may not always be possible for all sessions.

Additional spaces can be booked if schools wish to certificate more than one DSLs attendance. Additional places will be charged at a rate of £30 (until 31st March 2022) per additional DSL, per webinar.

Do We Have to Purchase the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools to Access the Webinars?

No. DSLs from schools who are not members of the Safeguarding Support Package are able to attend the webinars on an ad-hoc basis. This will be charged at a rate of £30 per place per webinar until 31st March 2022.

How Will Schools Access the Webinars?

The webinars will be hosted via the Gotowebinar platform. This should be accessible in schools, however, may be dependent on individual schools' filtering policies and/or network decisions. We advise DSLs check with their IT support to ensure the platform is accessible if they plan to attend the webinars using school internet access.

If your school has purchased the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools, the school will automatically receive one webinar place to be redeemed through CPD Online. The school will be given details as part of the purchasing process which will explain how the DSL can book onto each webinar. Any additional webinar places booked will incur a £30 (until 31st March 2022) per place, per session charge.

DSLs from schools that are not members of the Safeguarding Support Package can book places directly through the CPD website.

DSL Webinar Briefings

Course Code

SCH 21/809


20 October 2021