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14 October 2014
By Rebecca Avery

Childnet launches leaflets for foster carers and adoptive parents

Childnet, partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre, have worked together with Islington Council to create leaflets for foster carers and adoptive parents. The leaflets are free to download and easy to print and include top tips and conversation starters to help foster carers and adoptive parents get to grips with internet safety.

The internet is a fantastic resource for young people – providing them with support networks, quality advice, educational material, and access to their hobbies and interests. However, foster carers and adoptive parents can face particular challenges when keeping children safe online. Social media can facilitate contact with birth families; and offline vulnerabilities can increase the chances of being exposed to online risks such as cyberbullying and sexual exploitation.

To help foster carers and adoptive parents navigate these issues, the resource answers a number of key questions, such as:

  • What online risks can young people face?
  • What e-safety tips do young people need to know?
  • How can I start a conversation with them about internet safety?
  • How can I protect personal information to maintain privacy and confidentiality?
  • How can I prepare for and manage contact with birth family members on social media?
  • What can I do if something goes wrong?

Lindsay Wright, Adoption Team Manager at Islington Council said: “We have a responsibility to safeguard looked after children and an important part of our work is supporting foster carers and adopters to keep children safe, both online and offline. Islington Council are delighted to have been able to work with Childnet to produce this resource, which will help to ensure that looked after children benefit from the opportunities offered online while staying safe.”

The leaflets are free to download at alongside further advice and helpful resources. The leaflets are easy-to-print or you can order bulk amounts from Childnet by emailing [email protected]