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30 October 2018
By Rebecca Avery

Childnet: Digital wellbeing – Guidance for Parents Published

Childnet, part of the UK Safer Internet Centre, have published a new 'hot topic' which looks at Digital Wellbeing and gives guidance to parents about the impact that the online world can have on the lives of children and young people.

As technology plays an ever increasing role in the lives of young people, it is important that educational settings and families help them to understand how to use it safely, sensibly and with an awareness of how it can impact on them.

Childnet have created guidance for parents and carers to help them support children and young people across different age groups. There is age specific guidance for parents of:

Advice for each age bracket includes include information about how the age group are interacting with the internet, top tips to help support  young people at this age, and ideas to help start a conversation about digital wellbeing.

Designated Safeguarding Leads in Early Years Settings, Schools and Colleges may find this information helpful to share with parents and carers, such as via newsletters, official social media channels and websites.

Further information and links can be found on the Childnet blog.