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19 September 2019
By Rebecca Avery

BBC launches digital wellbeing 'Own It' app for children

The BBC has created a "wellbeing" smartphone app called ‘Own It’, available through app stores, aimed at supporting children and young people to interact safely and responsibly with friends and family online and through messaging apps.

The app is not a monitoring or reporting system and does not report to parents about children’s activity, however it is designed to enable children to develop resilience online and offers targeted help and support when necessary.

The app enables users to install a special software keyboard which monitors the tone of the words being typed and language used by children. The app uses AI to evaluate children’s mood so it can offer advice, encourage them to talk to trusted adults, or prompt them to think again if they are about to share sensitive data or send an upsetting message.

The ‘Own It’ app also has its own content to help children manage the amount of time they spend looking at their screen and shares advice about responsible online behaviours. The app also has advice for parents/carers to explain how the service works and support available.

BBC Newsround has produced a video, poster and guide for children. DSLs might find it helpful to share this app with pupils and parents/carers.

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