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UEA Moving to Adoption Model

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

The UEA model provides a framework for thinking about and supporting a child’s move to adoption. The training will be jointly delivered by Adoption and Fostering and will share 
information about the UEA model for supporting children’s transitions to their adoptive parents.  

The UEA model aims to address concerns that the child’s move to adoption can involve the loss of key relationships with birth family members and foster family members as well as their social and cultural identities as part of those families. It is important that social work practice places the child’s emotional needs at the centre, whilst also supporting the foster carers and the prospective adoptive parents.

Learning Outcomes

The model will be discussed and examples will be shared evidencing how the model can work in benefiting the child’s move. The UEA model is not prescriptive about timescales or the details of planning for the move.  Rather, it suggests some ‘key principles’ that should be held in mind and applied flexibly according to individual needs and the circumstances of each move.  The model is underpinned by a framework for providing therapeutic caregiving in foster care and adoption, the Secure Base model.



  • Session - 06/02/2025 10:00  -  12:30

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