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Let's Talk Communication

Audience: Early Years & Childcare
Single session
  • Foundation

Brief Overview

Do you want to extend your knowledge of how children begin to form the foundations of their communication and language development? If so, then this is the course for you.

This training has been designed to develop early years practitioner's knowledge and understanding of how babies and young children learn to communicate and talk. It considers what we need to do as adults to give them the best experiences to support their future life chances.

This course will include practical ways that practitioners can create stimulating environments to support children's ongoing communication development.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will:

  • develop an understanding of how children begin to form strong foundations in their communication and language development
  • understand how adults can best support the early stages of children’s communication skills through quality interactions
  • reflect on how to create a stimulating environment that will support and encourage children to practice and extend their communication skills
  • extend their knowledge of ways to develop a shared understanding with parents to ensure maximum impact on improving children's outcomes.



  • Session - 16/10/2023 09:30  -  11:30

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Delivered by

  • Rachel Adamson

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