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Leading and Managing Staff to Support Children with Challenging Behaviour

Audience: Primary
Single session
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Foundation
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

Brief Overview

Managing and supporting staff when they are dealing with children struggling with challenging behaviour is difficult at the best of times. This session aims to support leaders in thinking strategically about how to improve behaviour for learning across the school, with a targeted focus on children showing extreme/challenging behaviour. The session will start with exploring a school's self evaluation of behaviour and attitudes, moving onto implementing various strategies with staff. It will end in understanding how impact can be measured over time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop knowledge and skills to enable leaders to create a robust plan to support children who demonstrate challenging behaviour and improve behaviour for learning across the school.
  • Gain/ build on strategies to prevent and respond to challenging behaviour.
  • Explore how to support staff (and hold them to account) when dealing with behaviour incidents, to build on their positive relationship with children.
  • Know how to measure impact of strategies over time.



  • Session - 14/11/2024 13:00  -  15:15

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Delivered by

  • Katie Harris