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Science Workshop Days

Our fantastic Science Workshop Days are full of fascinating topics to inspire primary children and bridge any science learning gaps through missed education.

Andrew Berry - Centre Manager at Horton Kirby Environmental Centre has created these four Science Workshops Days. Each topic lasts a full day and will enable children to fill any gaps in their science learning in a short amount of time. 
These workshops can be delivered at your school by our expert teachers and all items will be brought to site.

We currently have the following workshops available, please see below for a detailed description of each day:

  • Rocks Day
  • Fantastic Physical Forces Day
  • States of Matter Day
  • Electricity, Energy and the Environment Day

This day will enable children to work scientifically in order to find out lots about rocks and fossils. The activities will include looking at rocks, minerals and fossils using microscopes, modelling tectonic plates, modelling how rocks are made, creating volcanoes,heating materials, etc. This workshop is guaranteed to engage, excite and entertain the children.

This day is jam-packed with hands-on activities for the children to do in small groups. It will cover all the aspects of the programme of study for upper key stage 2 forces. 

Set around a mission to capture an infamous criminal, the children will perform a series of investigations to find out about forces and simple mechanisms. They will explore gravity, air resistance, water resistance, upthrust, as well as making and testing pulleys, gears and levers.

"Andrew has lead a number of Science workshops at Shipbourne School. Our children cannot wait for his visits and are mesmerised by the resources and structure of the day.

Andrew makes learning exciting, engaging and purposeful - often linking to a mission or theme.

We recently engaged in a ‘Forces Day’ which consolidated the learning we had taught in school, that year. The children were able to apply new skills to the practical experiments and activities, gaining from the kinaesthetic learning opportunities. We could not recommend the provision enough."

Shipbourne School, Tonbridge, Kent

This is a chance for children to do a range of investigations for an entire day. With a focus on developing the children's understanding of the solids, liquids and gases, the children will learn in small groups, encountering mystery materials, making gases, raising sunken submarines, exploding containers, testing the viscosity of liquids, making ‘lava lamps’, melting solids, making candles, modelling the water cycle and inventing and testing a chocolate that will pop on their tongues. The children will learn all that they need to about states of matter, and in a manner that will definitely enhance their scientific skills, methods and processes.

States of Matter Workshop is aimed at Year Four pupils.

This workshop aims at covering all that children need to know about electricity, but in a very relevant and important context, the environment. The children will consider the impact that humans are having on the environment, particularly the consequences of our need for electricity which is often sourced from fossil fuels.  They will then take a wider perspective on 'energy', using difference practical enquiries to explore what is meant by energy and how it features in all our lives. The children will then focus in on electricity a one form of energy.  They will build a range of circuits and measure the effects of changing cells and components through using a range of electronic measuring equipment, including light meters, sound meters and voltmeters. The children will then apply what they have learnt to make a moving vehicle. They will explore changing how their vehicle functions; making it go faster, change direction, etc. Finally, the children will have opportunities to investigate a range of more sustainable sources of electricity; solar, wind, dynamos, and water turbines. So, by the end of the day the children will have a clear understanding of electricity, and will understand the changes that can be made in terms of how it is generated that will have a positive effect on our environment and our lives.

Electricity, Energy and the Environment workshop is aimed at Year Six pupils.

For more information about these fantastic Science Workshop Days, and to enquire about available dates please contact the team by email here or by telephone on 03310 651 333.