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Eliminating homophobic biphobic and transphobic bullying - promoting lesbian gay bisexual and Trans inclusion

Develop the knowledge, tools and confidence to tackle homophobic and biphobic bullying and language.

Promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Inclusion. Combatting Homophobic and Biphobic Bullying

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT) offer consultancy, support, bespoke and centralised training to schools (including multi academy trusts and collaborations) to support in the following ways:

Consultations and Advice

Visits to school to:

  • discuss and share examples of inclusive practice
  • scrutinise policies to ensure they are LGB inclusive
  • offer advice on individual cases of homophobic and biphobic bullying
  • mentoring sessions for LGB students
  • advice for parents.


Our practical training sessions can be delivered directly to schools and settings or to other professional groups working with children and young people.  
During the session delegates will:

  • develop the knowledge, tools and confidence to tackle homophobic and biphobic bullying and language (including phrases like ‘that’s so gay’)
  • gain an overview of national data relating to homophobic and biphobic bullying and its impact on pupil well-being, achievement, attendance, and school performance
  • understand how to meet schools’ legal and Ofsted requirements regarding the protected characteristic of sexual orientation
  • promote inclusion in line with British values and Relation and Sex Education through the exploration of curriculum resources that will help staff to celebrate difference in an age appropriate way
  • be inspired by best practice from other schools.


The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team support, consultancy and bespoke training can be bought:

  • Through the EDIT Core Support Package
  • Using Credits (half day - 320 credits, full day - 630 credits)
  • Ad hoc (half day - £330, full day - £650) +VAT if appropriate.

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