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4 October 2017
By Rebecca Avery

#UKCCIS Overview of Sexting Guidance Published #esafety

The UKCCIS Education working group have published a one page summary document  designed for all teaching and non–teaching staff in schools and colleges. It provides an overview to frontline staff on how to respond to incidences involving ‘sexting.The full advice document ‘Sexting in Schools and colleges’ complements the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education' (2016) statutory guidance and the non-statutory 'Searching, Screening and Confiscation guidance for schools'. We recommend that DSLs either circulate the one page document with staff, or use it as basis for your own  guidance and staff training. Additional guidance for Kent schools regarding local procedures is available via KSCB. The Kent Online Safety policy template and associate guidance also contains information reagrding responding to 'sexting' concerns.