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12 June 2018
By Claire Anderson

Top 10 Tips - Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) inclusion and achievement (primary)

  1. All staff to receive Gypsy Roma Traveller cultural awareness training to enhance knowledge and respect of culture, and have awareness of experiences of Gypsy Roma Traveller community re: barriers to education

  2. Be proactive in promoting school-parent partnership

  3. Demonstrate clear and strict behaviour policy

  4. Key individuals in place for accessible and approachable point of contact for families

  5. Flexibility and understanding of cultural demands on school attendance

  6. Provide practical assistance and advice re transport, uniform, admissions

  7. Provide a culturally inclusive curriculum that reflects the Gypsy Roma Traveller culture through stories, pictures, topics, resources and play equipment

  8. Flexible curriculum approach to offer personalised learning opportunities

  9. Willingness to negotiate and talk with a 'problem solving approach' to families when issues arise

  10. Maintain  and enhance links with previous pupils in continuing education