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8 January 2019
By Rebecca Avery

Safer Internet Day 2019 Films Now Available

The UK Safer Internet Centre have created a series of films for Safer Internet Day 2019. The films act as an extension of the  Safer Internet Day Education Packs and as such aim to be conversation starters around the topic of consent in a digital world. The films could be used at the beginning of a session focused on Safer Internet Day to kickstart discussions and pave the way for further activities from the Education packs. The SWGfL have published some useful suggestions of how to use these videos in the classroom.

The films are tailored for these age groups:

The films are also available on YouTube and Vimeo and will have subtitled, non-subtitled and British Sign Language versions.

We recommend that DSL's and subject leaders access these videos and use them as part of their SID 2019 plans.